Amazing Alpine Fountains at Laurel Oaks Nursery


These Woodsy themed fountains from Alpine fountains are amazing and an inexpensive way to have a stunning water feature on your property.  From small to large, these Alpine Fountains are so lifelike with the appearance of twisted logs multilevel overflows and lit with led lights.

Come see our waterfall wall today!  Prices start at $350 delivered, set up and installed.

Landscape Boulders at Laurel Oaks Nursery Tampa

You Say You Need A Big Ole Rock?

If you are looking for a real piece of Florida, come by Laurel Oaks on Race Track Road in Odessa and choose from our fantastic selection of limestone boulders.

List of Tropical Plants, Trees and Shrubs for The Tampa Bay Area

As a companion to our article “What is the recipe for the tropical landscape” we thought we’d provide a list of tropical plantings that usually do well in our zone 9B area.  Keep in mind that a severe cold snap can cause damage or even kill some tropical plants, but for many, the risk is worth it.  Here’s a list of potential candidates for tropical plantings.

Laurel Oaks-Best Choice For Sylvester Palms In The Tampa Bay Area

Nothing beats the Sylvester Palm (phoenix sylvestris) for  classic upscale landscapes. The cold hardy easy care  Sylvester is perfect for  poolside,  your courtyard, at your front entry, or in the lawn for a rich  effect.  They look fantastic  with uplights at night and definitely upgrade your entire landscape.

What is the Recipe For the “Tropical” Landscape?

Do you  love the look of a tropical landscape?  Is there a formula to create a lush tropical look?

Creating a tropical landscape  in the Tampa Bay area requires analysis of your light, your soil and your micro climates.  Studying what works well in the various zones that will exist on your property is the next step.

Bougainvilleas Are Putting On a Show at Laurel Oaks Nursery

Got a sunny spot that needs some color?  These Bougainvilleas can take  that spot to a new level.  Easy to grow and nothing beats the show of a bougainvillea in full bloom.  Come get yours today at Laurel Oaks Nursery in Tampa Florida on Race Track Road and South Mobley.

Laurel Oaks is a complete landscape nursery located on 20 beautiful acres.

Fantastic Talavera Mexican Glazed Pottery

Talavera tilted pot

Come See Our Selection of Amazing Talavera Pottery
Always colorful and unique to the individual artist that creates them,  Talvera was introduced into Mexico during the Colonial period by Spanish artisans of fine ceramics.  Mexican Talavera is named for the 16th century Spanish pottery center, Talavera de la Reina, where much of the worlds knowledge of fine ceramics originates.

Small Space Landscaping

Small outdoor spaces don’t have to be boring.  Even though  many zero lot line homes fall victim to landscaping “builder minimums,” there is no reason why you can’t buck the cookie cutter norm and create your own fabulous outdoor space.

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