About Us

We may be prejudiced.. but we know a secret

SPA_5499Laurel Oaks Nursery is the prettiest nursery in the Tampa Bay Area!  If you are planning a visit, or hadn’t considered stopping by “that big nursery at the the intersection of South Mobley and Race Track Road,” you are simply in for a treat.  25 acres in a park like setting will stimulate your senses and your imagination. Add to that, knowledgeable professional landscape sales folks and designers are at your service, ready to drive you around our expansive shaded nursery in a golf cart.  Believe us when we say, If you are planning any type of landscape project, or just need to pick up a few plants, Laurel Oaks is a DON”T MISS stop.

Every day we hear something to the effect of

“Oh my goodness I can’t believe I’ve never been here before!”

SPA_5944Maybe it’s because our totally cool office building is not in direct sight when passing by.  Maybe it’s because your turn down a beautiful gravel road and aren’t sure if you are even “allowed in here”. Well, we are giving you permission to come on in and drive down that pretty road and follow the signs to our awesome barn style office building.

Laurel Oaks Nursery has been a fixture in this spot for 30 years, owned by the Endress family.